Does the Starlink Router Have an Ethernet Port?

does the starlink router have an ethernet port

Does the Starlink router have an ethernet port? If not, how would you connect devices that do not connect wirelessly? All these questions are answered in today’s quick guide.

Does the Starlink Router Feature an Ethernet Port?

No, the 2nd Gen Starlink router does not feature an ethernet port. However, the newest Starlink router, the Gen 3 router comes with two LAN ethernet ports.

If you are looking to connect devices wired to the previous Starlink models, you will have to purchase and set up a Starlink ethernet adapter. 

We’ll show you how to install and set up the Starlink ethernet adapter.

What is the Starlink Ethernet Adapter?

The Starlink ethernet adapter helps you connect devices to the Starlink router if you have devices that require a hard-wired connection to operate. Yes, people these days hardly use devices without wireless capability, but you cannot disregard the fact that some still expect ethernet ports to connect. 

The Starlink ethernet adapter is a straightforward small device that allows you to plug it directly into the Starlink router. It connects your device with the router; simple as that.

If you own a 2nd Gen Starlink system, you must have the Starlink ethernet adapter for the devices that require an ethernet port.

The Starlink adapter has the capacity to support up to 1Gbps and it comes with one ethernet port. Moreover, it supports Starlink Gen 2, Gen 2 high, and flat high-performance hardware versions. 

How to Set Up the Starlink Ethernet Adapter?

You don’t have to be a tech expert to set up a Starlink Ethernet adapter. It’s a simple and straightforward process. Let us explain it.

The first step is to unplug your Starlink router from the power source. Then, you should unplug the cable of the antenna situated at the bottom of the router. 

Now, take the Starlink Ethernet adapter and connect it to the router. It has to be connected to the bottom of the router, where you removed the antenna cable. 

Finally, connect the antenna cable that you removed from the router to the ethernet adapter. Now you are all good to connect your device via the ethernet port of the adapter. 


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