How to Use Procreate’s Undo Feature to Improve Your Digital Art

how do you undo in procreate

One of the most advantageous aspects of digital art, particularly Procreate, is its capacity to reverse and re-create what you’ve created. With pre-defined motions, reversing or redoing your latest strokes and motions in Procreate becomes quick and simple. How do you Undo in Procreate?

In Procreate, a gesture is only a possible action that you may do to carry out a certain task. They act as quick cuts. In Procreate, the motions for undoing and retrying are pre-programmed. Let’s start by discussing how to undo as well as redo using Procreate. You don’t need to prepare because these motions are already set, so keep that in mind.

How do you Undo in Procreate?

In Procreate, you may undo it by tapping with two fingers. Tap any place on the display with two fingers at the same time. This will gradually reverse each action. This procedure can be repeated 250 times. Additionally, behind the sliders along the left side of your display, there is an undo arrow icon.

Tapping the canvas using two fingers is the easiest method to undo a Procreate operation. Alternatively, you may also press the downward arrow in the upper left corner of the sidebar, which is next to the brush area and intensity sliders. Tap using two fingers while holding down to swiftly undo many actions. Your prior acts will start to quickly reverse after a little interval.

How do I Reverse several Actions in Procreate?

In Procreate, you may undo numerous times by repeatedly pressing the “Undo” switch, which is next to the Opacity slider on the left edge of the display. You may also undo several actions by repeatedly tapping the screen with two fingers. The undoing procedure may be significantly sped up if two fingers are kept on the screen.

How does Procreate Redo?

In Procreate, you can undo a task by tapping the “Redo” icon on the left edge of the editing screen, next to the “Undo” button, and below the opacity slider. To undo the previous action, use three fingers to tap any place on the display. Do more of the same by repeating.

Procreate Gestures: What are they?

In Procreate, motions are movements you may make to carry out certain tasks. They operate as shortcuts to all of Procreate’s most fundamental and frequently used features and may be adjusted under the Actions menu.

Clicking the wrench will bring up the Actions menu, where you can locate the Gesture settings panel. After that, choose Gesture controls by clicking the Prefs icon. You have a lot of choices here for personalizing the movements you make. Gestures may be applied to any configuration, including the Assisted Drawing and Eraser options.

How can you Use Gestures Using Procreate to Undo and Redo Things?

Whenever it comes to removing and redoing certain strokes and activities inside a canvas inside the Procreate program, there are three options available.

The reversing and undoing movements, however, cannot be adjusted, which is crucial to remember. They will consistently include holding down with two fingers while tapping three fingers.


Overall, the most popular approach is the first one.

  • Undo

Tap the canvas display with two fingers. This will reverse what you just did. If you want to undo your earlier actions, you can keep tapping as much as you like.

  • Redo

Tap the screen of your canvas with three fingers. This will reverse the most recent action you undid. To undo prior acts that you want to recover, keep tapping as numerous times as necessary.

Push and hold

You may continually reverse your changes using this technique.

  • Undo

Tap the canvas display with two fingers while maintaining pressure. Till you let go of your grasp, this will keep undoing your acts.

  • Redo

Tap the canvas display with three fingers while holding down the button. Up until you let go of the grip, this will keep repeating past acts.

Arrow symbol

The most labor-intensive method to reverse or redo an activity is by utilizing the arrow symbol.

  • Undo

Click the left-pointing arrow located at the bottom of the column. You may perform this multiple times as necessary to reverse the effects of your previous action.

  • Redo

Click the right-pointing arrow located at the very bottom of that column. You may perform that repeatedly as necessary to repeat your previous action.

One significant benefit of this incredible digital sketching program is the ability to reverse and revert your efforts in Procreate. You may elevate your craft and increase the speed with which you produce it once you understand how these motions function.

How can you Use Gestures Using Procreate to Undo and Redo Things?

Is there an UndoHistory for Procreate?

The ability to look over your previous activities and roll back your design in Procreate isn’t available. In order to go back to the desired place in the layout, you have to reverse each change one at a time.

In contrast to Google Docs, where you may browse your editing history and quickly revive a previous version of your project, Procreate does not offer this feature. You have to reverse each step using Procreate separately.

Be extremely cautious when working. If you’re not certain that nothing will need to be undone before leaving, don’t go back to the gallery. If you’re not quite certain that you will not need to reverse anything, don’t close the program.

Suggestions for Using Procreate Productively

Procreate is, without a doubt, a really strong program, but when you’re not used to computer art, it may also be a little daunting. To stay creative while making the best out of Procreate, you may apply a few easy tips and techniques.

Implement Procreate Layers

Utilizing Procreate’s incredible layer function is one of the finest ways to stay busy. You may simply relocate, play with numerous effects, or perform adjustments without having to start from scratch by creating distinct layers of all the various components of your artwork.

Brushes for Procreate

Utilizing the incredible brushes that Procreate offers is another excellent suggestion. Every imaginable effect is accessible as a brush, and they may significantly speed along your process.

Explore and have fun

And lastly, don’t be scared to try new things. Digital art is fantastic since it’s really simple to fix mistakes, so feel free to experiment with new methods and effects to find what suits you the most.

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