How Long is the Starlink Cable? Measuring Connectivity!

how long is the starlink cable

Due to its extensive coverage and fast connectivity, Starlink gained much attention in the satellite internet market. The Starlink configuration is only complete with the Starlink cable, which links the Starlink dish to the router and power source. The basic Starlink cable is 50 feet (15 meters) long, sufficient for most installations. A 150 feet cable option is available from the official Starlink shop for clients who need more freedom in cable setup. The AC cable connects with the power supply to the socket is also 6 feet (1.8 meters) long. Optimizing the installation and performance of the Starlink system requires an understanding of the cable lengths.

Can I Get Starlink Cable Only?

Replace a damaged Starlink cable or order one separately without purchasing the entire kit by following a few easy steps. Start by going to the ‘Order’ area of the Starlink website. Select the particular type of cable you need by finding the ‘Cables’ subsection.

Add the cable to your shopping cart after selecting the desired length from the available choices. Go through the checkout process and provide your shipping and billing details.

Review your order summary and make sure the appropriate cable type and length are chosen. Enter your payment details and confirm the purchase to finish your order.

The consideration is that you need to get the Starlink cable alone to get the complete Starlink kit.

Ensure you have all the necessary equipment to connect the cable to your device. Also, crucial to select the appropriate cable type and length for your specific needs, as options may vary depending on the device you plan to connect.

How Long is the Starlink Cable?

The basic Starlink cable connects the Starlink dish to the router and power supply and is 50 feet long. Both ends of this cable include exclusive connections that guarantee an effective connection.

There is an option to replace the standard cable with a 150 feet cable available for purchase from the Starlink shop for customers who require a longer cable. The AC cable, which connects the power supply to the outlet, has a length of 6 feet.

These cable lengths made available by Starlink enable users to personalize their installation based on their particular requirements while providing a smooth and practical connection between the Starlink components.

Factors to Consider When Buying Starlink Cable?

There are several things to consider when buying a Starlink cable.

  • Internet Speed – Compared to Starlink, cable internet typically offers speeds between 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps.
  • Cost – Starlink may be more expensive monthly than cable internet, which usually costs around $50 monthly.
  • Pause Feature – While some cable companies may have choices for temporarily halting your service Starlink does not currently offer one.
  • Portability – Unlike Starlink, which may be used in various locations but is more portable than cable internet, fixed to a single site.
  • Clear Sky View – While cable internet does not need a clear sky view to function correctly, Starlink does.
  • Power Consumption – Starlink uses more electricity than cable internet, which may be a factor for consumers concerned about the environment.
  • Reliability – While Starlink is still growing its network and may experience sporadic outages or service disruptions, cable internet typically has a well-established infrastructure and may provide reliable connectivity.

Consider aspects like speed, price, mobility, service disruptions, and power consumption while choosing between Starlink and cable internet to see which best meets your requirements and circumstances.

What is The Maximum Starlink Cable Length?

The maximum length for a Starlink cable is 150 feet. The standard hardware kit includes a 50 ft. cable. If you require a longer distance, you can order the 150 feet Starlink cable.

There are no aftermarket adapters or extenders, and it’s important to remember the wires cannot be mixed. For customers using the rectangular Starlink dish, a 75 ft. long cable is provided.

The maximum cable length of 150 feet allows greater flexibility in positioning the Starlink dish and connecting it to the power supply and router.

Can I Cut the Starlink Cable?

The answer is yes. Can we cut a Starlink cable? Use wire cutters to cut the damaged cable section if you need to remove it. After repairing the ends, you leave enough cable length for the required connection.

Avoid clipping too close to the damaged area because the visible cable damage may extend slightly beyond what is immediately evident.

It’s relatively simple to cut and terminate the cable on both sides and if necessary, you may straighten the wires with a round screwdriver.

Can Starlink Cable Get Wet

Can Starlink Cable Get Wet?

The waterproof design of the Starlink dish, router, and cable allows them to survive moisture exposure without experiencing any long-term problems.

If the Starlink cable gets wet, it should not cause any damage or functionality problems. Speed and connection dependability may be temporarily impacted by rain or other damp circumstances until the weather clears.

The Starlink system is designed to withstand outdoor events and continue functioning even in bad weather, so being wet is not an issue.

Is Starlink Cable Weatherproof?

The answer is yes. The Starlink cable is weatherproof. The Starlink router has an IP54 rating, which indicates it is made to be waterproof and dust resistant. It can safely operate within a temperature range of -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C).

With these specifications, the Starlink router can be placed outside in suitable weather conditions.

This level of weatherproofing ensures the Starlink cable and router can withstand various environmental elements, including rain, dust, and temperature fluctuations, without experiencing any significant issues or damage.

It allows users to install and use the Starlink system outdoors while maintaining reliable performance and connectivity.

Can a Starlink Cable be Replaced?

The answer is yes. Starlink does offer replacement cables. While there have been reports of new mounts and replacement cables with USB-C ends, availability may vary for different users when logging into their accounts.

Possible that these options are part of a new dish revision. Suppose you need help to see the new mount and replacement cable options in your account.

They are recommended to contact Starlink customer support for further assistance and clarification on availability.

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