How Many Reports To Get Banned On Instagram? 1,2 or 3???

How Many Reports To Get Banned On Instagram

Instagram is a famous social media platform for people for interactions and builds connections. Instagram is an excellent platform for building a broad network with millions of followers worldwide. Many users take advantage of the platform for various reasons, like developing their business and blogging. Somehow, Instagram users can hinder your peace on the platform, and it is an unpleasant experience. However, Instagram gives an option to report the account, and you might not know how many reports to get banned on Instagram.

As much as there are pros to using Instagram, there are users who misuse the advantages of Instagram. Since Instagram has a significant influence on most of our lives, if an individual comes across an Instagram user who destroys time line with disturbing content, you can instantly block the user.

But if you feel the account is not suitable for being seen on Instagram, then taking necessary actions is essential. If you see had come across such unsuitable content, spread the word to report the account.

Though the number of reports for the account to be banned is uncertain, more words are always better.

Some Instagram users’ content’ can be so abusive that it disturbs their mental peace and cause cognitive issues. Some cases are reported; individuals have faced mental issues under medication and even murders due to cyberbullying. Keep reading to know how many reports to get banned on Instagram.

What Does Instagram Take Into Count Before Banning An Account?

Instagram gives a thorough investigation when an account is being reported as Instagram loses a use which means a loss in the business.

There are a few factors that Instagram considers when banning an account, and it should match their violating policies before they refuse an account.

Below you will get to know what Instagram counts in to ban an account

  • If you come across threats and statements, blackmail you in Direct messages, comments, posts, or public stories.
  • Suppose the user is being abusive, even simple as insults or verbal violence. Any form of harassment or expletives is looked down upon by Instagram.
  • Spam is another way of violating the policy on Instagram. Phishing links, fake products, forgery services
  • Most users have copyrights over their content, such as photos and videos. Sometimes it cannot be a problem to publish any graphics from other content. Still, if you are posting pictures of business pages violating the copyrights, then actions can be taken.
  • Post personal details, such as the phone number, home address, bank details, passport details, or Citizenship details of another, without their consent.
  • Animal violence can be harsh on the users as some will not be able to see such content. Instagram does not allow such content as animal torture is not encouraged in the platform.

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  • Using brand names or user names of other accounts is not allowed, and you cannot make use of different usernames. For example, if you are using a well-known brand name and selling products using the name, it is an infringement and can be reported under fraud business.
  • Violent content related to war, murders, death, rape, abuse, killing, etc. Content containing deep cut wounds and blood involved in the range is considered violence.
  • Any Instagram feed that contains 18+ contents is marked infringement. Any source of pornography or any graphics related to pornography is considered adult content and is frowned in Instagram.
  • Another most censured content considered is racism. Suppose any type of media is being published by a user supporting racism or creating content related to racism. In that case, it will be deleted as Instagram is against racism and wants to spread peace and not hate.

How Many Reports To Get Banned On Instagram

How to Report An Account On Instagram?

Most of you might not know how to take down an account for this. Follow the steps below correctly,

  1. The first step you must do is to block the user, so he cannot interact with you anymore, see your content, and has wholly cut the access to your account.
  2. You block if you feel like keeping a watch on the user while reporting and not giving them a hint. Restricting the account is a good idea, but the comments or interactions cannot be seen, but they still have chances of connecting with you.
  3. After considering all the steps above, you can successfully report the account. Make sur you follow each effort to ban the account.

How Many Reports To Get Banned On Instagram?

The honest answer is there is no specific number of a report the Instagram expects for an account to be reported. Though there can be many misconceptions about the number of notices that are 10,  50, or 100, it all depends on how effective it is and the number of reports being reported for the same reasons violating the Instagram policies. However, the algorithm of Instagram is not transparent to anyone.

There can be an impact to ban an account if the feed contains 18+ content or pornography. But other reasons, such as scams and cybercrimes, take time to restrict the account because Instagram needs to run an investigation on the report.

But also, if the number of reports is high and keeps increasing, Instagram might consider the issue. Hence the more the words, the more effective it is to ban an account that the effect it has with a low number of report count. 

It is evident that Instagram earns with each account created, and it is a business tool that, thus Instagram is reluctant to ban an invoice without proper investigation.


As previously stated, there is no fixed number of reports on Instagram to delete an account. The sad part is,  even after multiple reports, the bill to be banned is debatable.

But with the right ways and the word spreading, you can take down the account when the number of reports increases. The increasement in the number of reports can create an impact to consider the reason for the information by Instagram, So the more number reports should work.

To take down the right way, follow the steps given above carefully to ban an unsuitable account on Instagram.


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