How Much Obstruction is Too Much for Starlink? Finding the Sweet Spot!

how much obstruction is too much for starlink

A Starlink system is simple to set up. Clear skies are needed for Starlink satellite internet. Use the Search for Obstructions function of the Starlink program to locate any obstructions that may be preventing Starlink from working. How much obstruction is too much for Starlink?

We are going to respond to these queries and provide you with a better understanding of blockages in this essay. We will discuss impediments in detail, including what they are, how to detect them, and the way effectively Starlink will function in the presence of varying degrees of obstructions.

What is Starlink Obstruction?

Whatever obscures the sky might be considered an obstruction. With Starlink subscribers, trees pose the most frequent impediment. Tall trees close to the Starlink dish might be problematic because of its large field of vision.

Whenever the satellite’s ability to communicate with the antenna is disrupted because there are no nearby alternative satellites, its dish becomes blocked.

When you have previously installed your Starlink satellite and the mobile application reports that Starlink is blocked, it signifies that you have sufficient blockages to negatively impact dependability and performance.

If you notice the warning “Starlink Obstructed,” touch Statistics to receive additional information about how frequently the link is lost.

The link will be lost if Starlink experiences an unexpected outage. This implies that the television show or Zoom video chat may be cut off or paused. The disruption often only lasts a few seconds. However, because so much of the Starlink vision is obscured, the breaks can persist for many minutes.

How Much of the Starlink Network is Blocked?

The amount of blockage is provided when you utilize the obstruction tester function in the app.


The best of the best. No impediments will cause any outages for you.


You will occasionally have a few brief outages with this level of obstacles. The majority of online activities should be smooth sailing, but video conversations and games may not be.


The major problems arise at a level above 5%. You’ll observe longer-lasting, more frequent disruptions at this stage. You could observe TV broadcasts starting to buffer when there are blockage interruptions lasting for a while. Video chats and online games will be difficult.


When your blockage rate is more than 10%, you should be prepared for some fairly significant problems. There will be intermittent internet access. During streaming TV programs, interruptions are probable.

Websites may even appear to load slowly. You’ll need to refresh websites, applications, and other content. For a period of time beyond a few minutes, it will be hard to do anything that requires a dependable connection, such as video conferencing.

How Can I Verify Whether Starlink is Blocked?

Please visit the STARLINK Debug Center if you are using a Starlink network. You are going to see data in a little while. Press CTRL + A while clicking anywhere in the code’s visible region. This will choose the blue-coded option. Then press CTRL + C. This captures all of the data.

Return to the current page and press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V to copy your code inside the white box at the right-hand side of the page. Graphs will show up if there are any obstacles. If not, a thumbs-up will appear, and you’re set to go!

How Much Obstruction is Too Much for Starlink?

The specific place and its constellation’s total amount of satellites will determine this. A considerable blockage will result from having excessive satellites in the angle of vision. You only need a keen eye and a thorough grasp of what constitutes an obstacle.

Overall, solid walls and many opaque objects interfere with the Starlink Dish’s ability to receive signals. However, that does not imply that other components, such as leaves, tree canopy, and additional porous areas, are green. In actuality, trees can pose the greatest hazard to the Starlink Dish of all barriers.

Disturbance from surrounding antennas and arrays is another significant cause of hindrance. When putting the Starlink Dish onto a raised platform, use extra caution to keep away from these substances.

It’s likely that you will not experience poor signal coverage or sluggish speeds on Starlink when you can avoid these obstacles.

Can Starlink Be Used When There Are Trees

Can Starlink Be Used When There Are Trees?

When those locations are densely forested, it may be challenging to view the sky from there. If you position your antenna correctly, Starlink may be used even if you reside in a neighborhood with many tall trees. The antenna ought to be fixed to the apex of a roof, a structure such as a tower, or a pole.

How Do you Stop Obstacles from Blocking your Starlink?

Even with the finest alignment, Starlink’s self-aligning algorithm cannot resolve your issues. Don’t just examine one location and presume you’re safe; make sure to scan the entire perimeter. To determine if you have any sources of signal loss, examine every location in both bright and dark regions.

Remote, countryside, as well as nomadic places, may now access high-speed, minimal latency internet connection from anywhere in the globe. In addition to the $ 599-only hardware fee, it costs $110 every month.

Despite having fewer vulnerable satellites, unlike Starlink, other satellite internet providers like Viasat as well as Dish Network, nevertheless need an uninterrupted line of vision to their satellites. The satellite dish needs an unhindered view of the heavens in order to use Starlink.

How Can Starlink Be Mounted in Wooded Areas?

Starlink transmission is substantially hampered by trees as well as tree canopy. The Starlink Dish can still be used in a forested location, despite this, so it’s not impossible. Simply set the Starlink Dish out farther from the foliage so that it has an unobstructed view of the above.

Starlink even advises prospective customers who live in forested regions to make sure they have an appealing view of the heavens from their property before mounting the dish.

Additionally, you might buy a pole place or put the dish on tall objects like poles. And while installing the dish from a height, safety should always come first.

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