How to Check MTN Phone Number? Unveiling the Mystery!!!

how to check mtn phone number

When you have many SIM cards or just got a new one, it might be difficult to remember your phone numbers. Suppose you are an MTN user and are concerned about how to get back your phone number. Don’t worry about that. This article will provide simple and trouble-free ways to check your MTN phone number, whether you’re an experienced user or a new subscriber. Let’s start with the simple steps to get your MTN phone number back quickly.

What is MTN, and Why Must you Check your Phone Number?

Shortened MTN stands for Mobile Telephone Network, a global telecommunications provider with operations in several African and Middle Eastern nations.

It is a significant mobile network operator in these areas providing a range of communication services such as voice calls, SMS messaging, mobile internet access, and value-added services.

There are a lot of situations where someone would need to verify the phone number they use for MTN service. Here are a few common situations:

  • New Subscribers: brand-new customers. People might not remember their given phone number immediately when they get a new MTN SIM card. They can share their phone number with friends, family, or relatives and update their contact information by checking it.
  • Multiple SIM Cards: In the current digital era, many people have numerous SIM cards for various devices or uses. Consumers can track which phone number goes to which device by looking up the phone number linked to their MTN SIM.
  • Forgotten Number: It’s possible to misplace or forget your phone number over time. Especially if it is a newer or less utilized SIM, without calling customer service, one can quickly check the MTN phone number to remind themselves of the correct number.

Users may easily share their contact information, ensure proper communication and keep an ongoing connection with friends, family, and business contacts by being aware of how to verify their MTN phone number.

How to Check MTN Phone Numbers on Android Devices?

Follow these detailed steps to check your MTN phone number on an Android device.

Activate the phone app: Find and tap the Phone app icon on your Android device home screen or app drawer. The dialer that is supplied will launch when you do this.

Dial a USSD code: Enter “*123#” into the phone dialer and press the call button. The MTN service menu can be accessed using this code anytime.

Access the Service Menu: After dialling the USSD code, the MTN service menu will be displayed. Look for the “Account Information” or “My Number” option on the menu that displays on your screen. Depending on the specific device and MTN service, the language may change.

Select Account Information: To proceed, choose “Account Information” or “My Number”.

Retrieve your phone number: Your phone number connected to the MTN SIM card will be shown on the screen after selecting the Account Information option. Note the number, or memorize it.

You can quickly check your MTN phone number on your Android device by following these instructions without calling customer service or going through complicated settings menus.

How to Check MTN Phone Numbers on iOS Devices?

You can follow these easy steps to check your MTN phone number on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad)

  • Open the phone App: tap the icon for the Phone app on your device’s home screen. In a little while, the phone dialer will start working.
  • Dial a USSD Code: Tap the call button after entering the USSD code “*123#” in the phone’s dialer.
  • Access the Service Menu: Your device will navigate to the MTN service menu after dialling the USSD code. Check the menu is presented for the “Account Information” or “My Number” option.
  • Select Account Information: Choose “Account Information” or “My Number” to choose your account information.
  • Retrieve your Phone Number: The screen will show the MTN phone number linked to the SIM card when you choose the Account Information option. Write down or keep in mind the number for future use.

You don’t need additional apps or complicated settings to check your MTN phone number on your iOS device by simply following these steps.

How to Check the MTN Phone Number via the USSD Code?

An Unstructured Supplementary Service Data code (USSD code) is a quick and easy way to access certain features or services a mobile network provider offers. It enables consumers to communicate with their network provider by entering particular codes on their mobile devices.

Use the procedures below to verify the phone number linked to an MTN SIM card using a USSD code.

Turn On the Phone Dialer: Open the phone dialer app to access the phone dialer. A symbol resembling a phone or keypad is usually utilized to indicate this.

Dial the USSD Code: Enter the USSD code “*123#” using the keypad. Enter this particular code to access the MTN service menu.

Initiate the Call: Press the call button to start a call. You will be directed to the MTN service menu after dialling the USSD code.

Access the Account Information: Once the call is connected, use the menu choices to see the account information. Look for the “Account Information” or “My Number” option.

Retrieve your Phone Number: A “Account Information” or “My Number” option should be chosen. The SIM card’s linked MTN phone number will be on the screen.

This procedure with the USSD code “*123#” makes checking your MTN phone number simple. To quickly and easily access information or services offered by your mobile network provider using the USSD codes.

How to Check the MTN Phone Number Using MTN Mobile App

How to Check the MTN Phone Number Using MTN Mobile App?

The MTN mobile app is a unique app from the famous telecommunications provider MTN. Users may easily control their MTN services by using their mobile devices, accessing account information, and completing several other tasks.

Use the MTN mobile app to check the phone number linked to an MTN SIM card by doing the following actions.

  • Download and Set Up the Application: Go to your app store (the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS). Search the “MTN mobile app.” And install the official MTN mobile app after downloading it.
  • Launch the App: Locate the MTN mobile app on your smartphone. Then click the icon to launch the app.
  • Create a New Account or Log In: If you already have one, use your username and password to navigate to the app. Register to establish a new account by following the instructions if you don’t have an account.
  • Access your Account Details: Once logged in, go to the app’s profile settings or account section.
  • View your Phone Number:  Your MTN phone number associated with your SIM card will be displayed in the account details or profile settings. Note it down, or memorize it.

You can easily verify your MTN phone number, get access to other account-related information, and manage your MTN services in one location using the MTN mobile app.

How to Contact MTN Customer Support for Help?

You can use the following contact information to contact MTN customer service for assistance:

Phone: Depending on your country of residency, you can contact MTN customer care by calling the relevant phone number. It is advised to check the official MTN website or your local MTN customer service page for the most current phone number because the exact phone number may change.

Email: Sending an email to MTN customer care is another option. To find the correct email address to contact for support, go to the official MTN website and look for the “Contact Us” or “Support” area.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some popular social media sites MTN normally has a presence on. By sending direct messages or leaving your questions on their pages, you may attempt to contact them through their official social media accounts.

Live Chat: A live chat function is available on several MTN websites. They allow you to communicate with a customer service agent in real-time. Use the “Chat” or “Support” options on the website.

You should visit the official MTN website or check with your local MTN service provider about the specific customer care channels available in your area for the most recent and accurate contact information.

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