How to Download Videos from Tudou? Follow These Instructions!

how to download videos from tudou

Tudou is an amazing application to watch various videos introduced by the Alibaba Culture and Entertainment Group. But you may be wondering how to download videos from Tudou; then, you can easily access the video whenever you want. In order to download the videos on your device, you should have a video downloader additionally. Today, we will explain to you how to download videos from Tudou step by step using a convenient video downloader. It takes only a few minutes and a few clicks, so be ready to download your favorites from Tudou!

What is Needed to Download Videos from Tudou? 

Tudou is a Chinese video platform that facilitates you to watch videos worldwide. Apart from music videos, you are able to watch documentaries, tv-series and other shows as well.

In case you need to download a video on Tudou to view it offline or edit it; you have to have another third-party application that supports downloading videos from Tudou. There are numerous video downloaders that have different features.

Today, we are going to explain the procedure of how to use AnyVid video downloader to download Tudou videos.

The specialty of this app is it comes with a version to support Windows, Android as well as Mac.

Can I Download the Videos on the Tudou App?

Yes, you can download the videos as a cache in your Tudou app as you just download videos on other video platforms. But then you are not able to share the videos with any other devices.

It only allows you to view the video offline on the app since the video is only saved in the application. Therefore, you need a video downloader application.

They can download the Tudou videos as local files on your computer or phone.

How to Download a Video from Tudou? 

Today we will use the video downloader, AnyVid, to explain the process of downloading Tudou videos.

It helps to download as well as convert the videos to your pc, phone or MP4 media player within a second. This video downloader is designed to work on Windows, Android and also Mac.

Moreover, anyone can easily navigate it due to the applications’ simple configuration. Adhere to the below-mentioned steps preciously.

  1. First, open the Tudou and choose the video you want to download. You need to copy the link of that video.
  2. In another tab, you should open the downloader, AnyVid. Then paste the copied link on the search bar of AnyVid.
  3. Then you will see a pop-up box to choose the format you want. Mainly, there are two formats, MP4 and MP3, with three resolutions. You can click on whatever format you prefer.
  4. In a green color bar, you will see an option as ‘Start Download.’ Tap on it.
  5. The default format is MP4, so the downloaded video can be played on many media players. If your phone does not have a compatible media player, there is nothing to worry about because a built-in media player comes with AnyVid.
  6. To find the video you downloaded, go to the ‘Library’ on your pc, then click on ‘Video.’ Next, tap on ‘Open Folder’, which you can see above.

Is there a Tudou Online Video Downloader? 

Now you are able to download the videos online from Tudou. All you need to do is to visit to save the videos as local files for free on your computer or phone.

As we discussed in the above method, first go to Tudou and copy the link of the desired video. Then you can easily insert the link on the particular bar on the website.

Is there a Tudou Online Video Downloader

After that, tap on the download button to complete the task. If you think you will no longer need a video-downloading application, this site can be used to download videos whenever you want to do so.

Apart from Tudou video downloading, this website supports downloading videos from other sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, CNN, Youku, Yahoo, Vesti, NBC, etc.

In addition, this site has been linked to some other useful converters which allow you to convert audio and video formats of videos.

When you scroll down the homepage of the website, you will see there are a handful of converters such as Online Tudou to MP3 Converter, Free Online Tudou to AAC Converter, Convert Tudou Video to OGG Converter, Tudou Video to M4A Converter, etc.

So these converters are able to convert the video into different formats within a few clicks as you wish. Thus, if you do not like to use a separate application, this is the option for you!

If you have any trouble downloading, feel free to send an email to

How to Translate Into English?

Tudou is from China, so basically, Chinese people share videos on Thus, most of the videos and video descriptions are composed in Mandarin. Therefore, you should have the knowledge of the relevant language to understand the contents of Tudou.

So, language translation is another factor to solve before using Do not worry; you can try this method to translate the website into English.

If you use Chrome on your computer or phone, you need to follow these simple steps.

Open Chrome and right-click to access the translate options. Then you will see English on the top; tap on it.

If you use Firebox as your browser, you have to have Google Translate on your computer or phone.It provides an extension to translate Mandarin to English for Tudou.


Tudou is a video-sharing platform in which millions of viewers come and go daily. If you want to download a video from Tudou as a local file, you will need a video-downloading application such as AnyVid. Or else, Tudou has built an online website that facilitates to download and convert Tudou videos.

The method you should follow to use AnyVid has been clearly described in this post. Similarly, you can try the online website to download the video you want.

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