How to Factory Reset Shark Ion Robot? (Quick & Easy Steps)

how to reset shark ion robot

Robot vacuums from Shark are a big assistance whenever it comes to cleaning our houses. While you focus on your critical tasks, you can delegate a cleanup task to the robot. It’s occasionally necessary to solve issues that arise with your machine. The ability to factory reset by learning how to factory reset Shark Ion Robot vacuum emerges in quite handy.

This guide will walk you step-by-step through the procedure of restarting the device. In addition, we’ll provide several alternatives to doing a gadget reset. This is due to the fact that a full reset, which is what you should do, returns the shark vacuum’s parameters to their factory-fresh default state.

What Exactly is the Shark Ion Robot?

With the help of technologically advanced cleaning robots such as Shark Ion Robot vacuum, you could save a lot of time and concentrate on your personal agenda of work. Utilizing such robots is very convenient and possible to utilize whenever required.

The reason that this robot is helpful is because of the following reasons

  • The dual brush available in the robot helps to access any corner of your household.
  • Sensors that could detect the corners and edges, and obstacles of your household could increase the level of convenience.
  • The self-cleaning brushes available in the robot, guide the device to clean up hair, dust, and germs before they accumulate in your household.
  • The WIFI linking available enables to change of preferences according to the owner’s choice.

However, while this Shark Ion Robot is great for tackling common cleaning issues, some customers may find it challenging to operate, especially if they are unfamiliar with the handbook.

What does a Factory Reset Mean?

A factory reset, meaning “factory setting,” is a potent troubleshooting technique that returns a machine—in this example, the robot vacuum—to the condition, it was in when you first purchased it.

This is frequently employed as a last option to fix a variety of major difficulties impacting a robot vacuum’s basic operation, like Wi-Fi connection or maps issues.

Whenever you intend to sell the device, you should do a factory reset. However, you must still delete any information that identifies you anyway in the event. Also, it is more practical for the current buyer to have immediate access to the machine’s default settings.

Can One Restart a Shark Robotic Vacuum from Scratch?

You could reset the Shark cleaner by adhering to the directions below when it’s not operating correctly. This technique can only be used if that robot vacuum gets linked to the smartphone app.

Enter the Settings area after opening the authorized Shark Ion application. Locate the “Factory Reset” button, click it, and then accept. The software will instruct the device to begin the reset procedure, which often just requires a few seconds.

How to Factory Reset Shark Ion Robot?

Be warned if you reboot any Shark device, all customer preferences, comprising Wi-Fi credentials, cloud-stored information, plans and mapping, app configurations, and recently loaded firmware upgrades, will be lost.

Take note of every one of the parameters so you may configure them once the Shark has been reset if you wish to keep any routines, preferences, or even other information.

Resetting the Shark Robot Cleaner Can Be Done in One of Two Ways

With the Aid of the Shark Clean Program

It is advised to reset any robot vacuum by factory default using the Shark Clean application. All cloud-stored information, including maps, timetables, and Wi-Fi preferences, is erased using this technique.

These are the Procedures

  • Launch the Shark Clean application.
  • Choose the Factory Reset button after going to Settings.
  • The Shark robotic will reset itself to its original configuration. The process could take a short while.

The Shark machine and any cloud-saved data will also be removed first from the Shark Clean application during this procedure, so please be aware of that.

By Hand Using the Shark Robots

In contrast, you could manually restart any shark robot, particularly if the shark vacuuming won’t join the local internet. All cloud-saved information is left intact in this way.

Just adhere to these simple directions to get there

  • Turning the robotic cleaner on its back is the initial thing to do.
  • To turn the device off, hold down the power button here on the sides for a minimum of ten seconds.
  • Hold down the power button once again to restart the robotic vacuum’s factory default after a minimum of ten seconds. Now is the time to return the hoover to its default settings.

Shark Cordless Vacuum Reset: How Do I?

Below are two easy methods to reset your Shark cordless cleaner if you have one.

  • The device’s pushbutton should be pressed and held for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • In order to restart the gadget, discharge the button.

This Shark cordless cleaner is now going to reset. Inspect the vacuum for any blocked hoses, unclean screens, or tangled bristles if the problem persists just after resetting, and none of these conditions will prevent the vacuum from working properly.

Shark Ion Vacuum Problems and Solutions in General

Cleaning When Not Necessary

It’s a sign that now the maintenance program is off when the vacuum begins to vacuum at strange hours.

What to do in such circumstances is as follows.

  • Start the program.
  • Delete the current schedule.
  • Verify the clock’s accuracy by checking the time.
  • Decide on a timetable that suits your preferences.

Shark Ion Vacuum Problems and Solutions in General

Moving in Circles

The guidance system might malfunction if a Shark Ion Machine is spinning in loops.

This is what you undertake.

  • Shut off the Shark.
  • The bumpers lens should be dusted with a dried wash rag.
  • Verify that now the bumper keeps moving by repeatedly pressing it.

Being Unable to Locate the Power Socket

If the charging connections are unclean, the Shark robot may have trouble docking and may run into walls. It may also have trouble accurately identifying the charging point. The recharging connections are located on the underside of the vacuum robot, and they could occasionally become dirty.

Here’s a Cleaning Guide for it

  • Use dry towels to the contact to clean it.
  • If there is a lot of filth, delicately scrub the ground with steel wool or abrasion pads to prevent scouring.


Following the aforementioned instructions, you should now be able to reset any top-rated Shark ION device. But be aware that this is a last-option strategy, so please proceed accordingly.

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