How to Find SSID on Iphone? Simple Methods for Network Discovery!

how to find ssid on iphone

Being online is becoming essential in daily life due to the moving nature of technology. Your iPhone is a door entry into the digital world wherever you are. You must be familiar with the network name known as the Service Set Identifier “SSID” if you want to browse the internet and join a Wi-Fi network. It’s easy yet essential to locate your iPhone’s SSID by looking for available networks and making a connection how to find SSID on your iPhone. You can find the best answer and stay connected through this article.

What is an SSID, and Why is it Meaningful on an iPhone?

Service Set Identifier or SSID is a name given to a Wi-Fi network. Because every Wi-Fi network has a unique SSID, devices like your iPhone can identify it and connect to the network you would like to use.

The wireless router or access point broadcasts the SSID so nearby devices can get information about it and connect to the network.

The SSID is essential because it enables Wi-Fi network connections and internet access on iPhones. If you are at home, work, or public, your iPhone can find and connect to the selected network by knowing the SSID.

When connecting to Wi-Fi, you can use the internet more quickly and consistently, save cellular data, and use network resources like shared files or printers.

The SSID is further necessary for network security. It provides a unique code that defines your network apart from others and prevents unauthorized users from connecting without valid authentication.

When connecting to public networks, knowing and confirming the right SSID is essential to prevent becoming prey to fake or malicious networks that steal your data.

Is the SSID the Wi-Fi Name?

Yes. The Wi-Fi name is the SSID. It is the name given to the identity of an identity. The list of names you see while searching for available Wi-Fi networks on your device is the result of making the SSID names. Each network has a unique SSID. They allow devices to identify between them and connect to the one they select.

Where Can I Locate the SSID Settings on My iPhone?

The steps below can be used to find the SSID settings on your iPhone.

  • Go to “Settings” on your phone.
  • Click “Wi-Fi” by scrolling down.
  • Then display a list of Wi-Fi networks available.
  • Find the network you are currently logged into or the one you want to find the SSID for by trying to find it.
  • The network name will be displayed next to the network name.
  • The SSID, IP address and other network information can be viewed by tapping the (i) symbol next to the network.

You may quickly explore the SSID of the Wi-Fi network you are connected to or are interested in connecting to by using these methods to locate the SSID settings on your iPhone.

How do I Find the SSID of My Current Wi-Fi Network on an iPhone?

 Follow these steps to find the SSID of your current network:

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPhone.
  • Click “Wi-Fi.”
  • There will be an appear list of available Wi-Fi networks.
  • That will be a checkmark next to the network you are currently connected to.
  • The connected Wi-Fi network SSID or name will be visible at the top.
  • To get your current Wi-Fi network’s name (SSID), search there on your iPhone.
  • You can locate the SSID of your current Wi-Fi network on your iPhone using these steps.

Can I View the SSID of Nearby Wi-Fi Networks on My iPhone?

Yes. You can see the SSIDs of local Wi-Fi networks on your iPhone.

Keep your iPhone’s “Settings” app open.

  • Tap the “Wi-Fi” option.
  • A list of Wi-Fi networks that are accessible will appear up.
  • The list will show the SSIDs of the nearest Wi-Fi networks and their names.
  • Scroll down the list if you want to see the SSIDs of the nearby networks.

The name “Hidden Network” will be shown in the list if a network’s SSID is concealed.

You may quickly explore the SSIDs of nearby Wi-Fi networks on your iPhone by following these instructions in the Wi-Fi settings.

Is there a Way to Find the SSID of a Hidden Wi-Fi Network on an iPhone

Is there a Way to Find the SSID of a Hidden Wi-Fi Network on an iPhone?

The SSID of a hidden Wi-Fi network cannot be detected on an iPhone using the default Wi-Fi settings. Hidden Wi-Fi networks are not displayed in the available networks. The reason is they do not publish their SSIDs. By doing the following, you may manually connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network:

  • Open your iPhone’s “Settings”.
  • Tap and open “Wi-Fi”.
  • Tap “Other” from the list of available networks by scrolling down.
  • Input the hidden network’s exact SSID.
  • Select the appropriate security setting and input the network password if necessary.
  • To join the hidden Wi-Fi network, tap “Join”.
  • You can manually connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network by entering your iPhone’s SSID and connection information.

How to Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi without SSID?

Connecting with a hidden Wi-Fi network requires knowing the SSID. Hidden networks are not visible to devices looking for available networks because they do not broadcast their SSIDs. There is a manual generating a network profile:

  • Get your iPhone’s “Settings” app open.
  • Touch “Wi-Fi.”
  • Tap “Other” from the list of accessible networks by swiping down.
  • The “Network Name” box should be left empty.
  • Select the appropriate security setting.
  • Then input the network password.
  • Click “Join” to connect.
  • Your iPhone will connect to the hidden Wi-Fi network if the supplied information is correct.

You may try connecting to a hidden Wi-Fi network on your iPhone by manually creating the network profile without inputting an SSID. Keep in mind that depending on the architecture of the particular network. This strategy could only be effective for some hidden networks.

How Can I Find the SSID of My iPhone’s Personal Hotspot Network?

These methods should help you locate the SSID for your iPhone personal hotspot network:

  • Go to the “Settings”.
  • Tap “Personal Hotspot”.
  • If your hotspot is on, you can see the “Wi-Fi Password” or “Wi-Fi Settings” options.
  • Click “Wi-Fi Password” or “Wi-Fi Settings”.
  • The network name (SSID) of your iPhone personal hotspot will be visible in a pop-up window that appears.
  • Note the network name (SSID) In the pop-up box.
  • The SSID of your iPhone personal hotspot network can be easily identified using the steps listed below.

What should I Do If I Cannot Find the SSID Settings on my iPhone?

The Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone can be in a different place if you cannot locate the SSID settings there. What you can do is,

Scroll down the top-right corner of the screen to access the Control Center.

To quickly access Wi-Fi settings, tap the Wi-Fi symbol.

Try to navigate the Control Center using another approach if the Wi-Fi icon is missing.

You can also search for “Wi-Fi” in the iPhone’s Settings to find the Wi-Fi settings.

If everything else fails, restart your iPhone and look for software upgrades that might change or restore the SSID setting location.

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