Why Do My Beats Keep Disconnecting? Keep the Beats Flowing!

why do my beats keep disconnecting

Beats headphone is a well-known brand due to its flawless, high-quality service. But there are some cases that the device hesitates to keep the connection. So today, you are here to know the exact reason behind it. Why do my Beats keep disconnecting? If you want to know the reason plus how you can fix those issues, this guide will definitely help you. Indeed, most of the reasons are mistakes that you can simply avoid, not the technical issues of Beats headphones. So, keep reading and fix the issue.  

Why are My Beats Headphones Frequently Disconnecting? 

  1. Connecting with Another Device – your Beats headphone will not pair because it has connected with another device. Then you will not hear audio. You might have to create the connection again.
  2. Low Battery – Beats headphones need the power of the battery. When the battery level gets low, you will notice that the headphone frequently disconnects. Besides, the sound can stutter.
  3. The Distance – If your device is too farther from the headphone, the connection will not last. Since those devices are paired to each other via Bluetooth, you need to keep them somewhat closer. And pay attention to the number of devices that have been connected at the moment since the traffic can interfere with the connection of your Beats headphones.
  4. Compatibility – There may be issues with compatibility as well. Anyways, this case is rare since most device has Bluetooth.
  5. Age of Headphones – if you have used your Beats headphones for years, you are not able to expect a quick and strong connection, unlike brand-new Beats headphones.
  6. Pending Update – Apple owns Beats, so if you use your headphone with an Apple device, it will update automatically. But when you use it with another device, you need to update the headphone manually.

How Do Wireless Headphones Like Beats Typically Maintain a Connection?

There are wired as well as wireless headphones. Let’s have a look at the connecting procedure of wireless headphones like Beats. The basic technology behind the connection of wireless headphones is Bluetooth.

When you want to listen to music using your headphones, you should turn on the Bluetooth of your headphones and another device, such as your phone or computer. Then those devices will pair with each other.

The Bluetooth range can vary from one device to the other. Anyways, you have to keep two devices within that particular range to maintain the connection.

How do I Stop My Headphones from Disconnecting? 

  1. In case your headphone has connected to another device, you have to unpair the headphones in your Bluetooth settings and make the connection again. Sometimes, you will have to turn off the headphones and turn it on again.
  2. Make sure to charge your Beats headphones before their battery level reduces to 30% – 40%. However, you should not over-charge your headphones as well because they can damage the battery. Then you will have to replace the battery, which cannot be done by yourself. When the battery is low, you will be informed of it by a red indicator light on the headphone.
  3. Remember to keep your headphone closer to the other device. And also, try to reduce using other connections when you connect your Beats headphones with Bluetooth.
  4. It would be better to check the compatibility between Beats headphones and the device you are going to connect with before buying.
  5. If your Beats headphone is older, you can diagnose their connectivity issues with the help of a professional. Sometimes, the only solution can be a replacement.
  6. If your device shows that there is a pending update, you should connect the headphone to a computer and let the headphone update.

How to Check If My Beats Headphone Firmware is Up to Date

How to Check If My Beats Headphone Firmware is Up to Date? 

Beats headphones are owned by Apple. If you want to check whether there is an update on Beats headphones, follow this path using your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Go to the settings tab on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Then tap on the Bluetooth icon to pair with Beats headphones. You should turn on Bluetooth on your headphone too.
  3. Then you will see the name ‘Beats’ in the list. Click on the info tab near the name.
  4. Scroll down to go to the ‘About’ tab. If there is a pending firmware update, it will be shown in this section.

Is the Distance Between My Device and Beats Headphones Affecting the Connection? 

Yes, of course. When the two devices are close to each other, the connection is stronger. In contrast, the connection becomes weaker if the devices are out of their Bluetooth range. The best Bluetooth range that you can use so far is 800 ft with Bluetooth 5.2. another drawback of this case is draining the battery of the device.

When the devices are farther to each other, the headphone consumes a lot of battery power. Moreover, you need to think about some other factors, such as the number of devices within your network.

It would be better to minimize using multiple devices at the same time. Thus, keep in mind that the distance affects the connection between your device and Beats headphones.

How Do I Know If My Beats are Dying? 

You will be able to see some signs of wearing when your Beats headphone is dying. Basically, you will find it hard to connect your headphone to the device. And the quality of sound can differ over time. Mostly, you will notice that the audio is stuttering. And another thing is the cycle of charging. If you have more charging cycles than usual, it indicates that the headphone has worn out.

How Long does Beats Earphone Last? 

In general, Beats headphones can be used for up to seven years in good condition. Thus, Beats headphones can be identified as one of the most durable headphones on the market.

It has been designed to withstand the daily grind, so you can use it every single day. However, you need to take care of your Beats headphone, especially when you store and charge them. Always try to adhere to the instruction in its user manual.

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