Why Does My Doordash Keep Pausing? [All You Need To Know]

why does my doordash keep pausing

Doordash is an online food ordering and delivery platform established in 2013. This is a great online service that delivers meals safely to your door and serves meals at their locations. Sometimes, when I order something online on this platform, it keeps pausing. And I think you are also suffering from the same question as me. So, let’s find out why does my doordash keep pausing.

Depending on whether you are a deliverer or a customer, Doordash pause due to several reasons. It is important to understand why it keeps pausing so that we can prevent that from happening or we can be more patient while waiting.

What is DoorDash Pausing and Why Does it Happen?

DoorDash pausing is the platform will keep loading without going any further giving information for a short while. This is more like getting stuck.

You’ll likely become aware of it if you stop receiving orders, experience login problems, or pick up an order but are unable to deliver it since the app is paused.

Following is the list of reasons I found for the question of why my doordash keeps pausing.

  1. Bad / Lacking enough GPS signal
  2. Declining too many orders with the app or server
  3. Forgetting that you have paused Doordash on your own

The impact of this pausing will be a disadvantage sometimes and sometimes not.

As a dasher or merchant,

  1. you will miss delivery requests, which is not a good sign.
  2. But also, if you are fed up with a heavy workload and need a break, this will help you rest.

As a customer of the Doordash platform, this will cause trouble in getting food delivered on time.

Why Does My Doordash Keep Pausing?

  • Bad / Lacking Enough GPS Signal

DoorDash frequently stops in specific places because of a weak GPS signal. They want to provide you with orders that are a bit close by.

So, if the program is unable to determine your location, it may halt your app while you look for a stronger signal. As solutions, you can look for locations with a strong cellular signal or consider switching to a phone carrier with better coverage if that isn’t an option.

After that, you can test your signal by driving around your neighborhood. You also can wait in places where the signal is stronger. However, since you can’t accept back-to-back orders, that can become troublesome if you’ve got orders far from a decent signal.

  • Declining Too Many Orders

You are free to accept or decline any number of orders as a contractor. However, it can lengthen order wait times when sellers/merchants/dashers reject orders. If you reject too several orders in a straight, the server may pause as a tactic to encourage you to accept more orders. Of course, if you forget a scheduled dash, this could happen. But it might also occur if you use the app frequently and turn down a lot of requests. To speed up the delivery time for buyers, DoorDash will pause your action and begin displaying your possible orders to other dashers or merchants.

Hence, before declining an order, be certain you truly do not wish to fulfill it.

  • Forgetting to Unpause After Pausing the Doordash

You occasionally forget to unpause your doordash orders after pausing them. To fix the Doordash keeps pausing problem, try unpausing your doordash orders.

  • Issue with the App or Device

If you are unable to resolve the issue with Doordash stopping, you might try using your app. Due to an outdated or old version of the software, the Doordash service may currently be paused.

Install the most recent version of the app from the play store or the apple store, then reinstall the earlier version. Now, switch off your device for three to five seconds, restart your app, and check to see if your issue has been resolved.

If your device is the issue, I first advise rebooting it or clearing the history or the temporary memory to see if it resolves your problems with the app or the server. This usually makes the issue go away. You must move to a location with a stable phone connection if you are experiencing a connectivity problem.

If they are not helping, you should adjust delivery settings or contact customer/dasher or merchant support based on your role on the platform. However, if you wish to remain safe, you should call them to let them know what’s happening and ensure that you won’t be fined for failing to complete the order.

Despite the troubleshooting, if pausing continues, at least ending your dash and picking up a new schedule may help.

How Does DoorDash Decide When to Pause a Delivery?

Doordash will automatically pause your store if there is a significant increase in canceled orders on a given day or if our technology strongly suggests that the store is inactive during your designated hours.

We want to stop more customers from encountering this situation every day since we’ve observed that customers who suffer an order cancellation are less likely to make another order from your shop.

Our system utilizes different checks on each individual store, order, and cancellation case to determine whether the store is more probable to open or close. It will then temporarily deactivate any businesses that are thought to be closed, preventing mistaken closures.

How Does DoorDash Decide When to Pause a Delivery

For the current day, your store must encounter two or more avoidable cancellations. The deactivation of merchants will last till the conclusion of their working day. 24-hour shops will be inactive until the following morning at 4 am.

Other than the causes such as lacking enough GPS signal, canceling orders continuously, issues with the phone or with the app, etc. DoorDash pauses restaurants for a brief period of time to give them additional time to catch up and offer the best quality service.

If there was a high Avoidable Dasher waiting in the previous 60 minutes, your store could be automatically halted for 30 minutes. A minimum of three orders must have been placed during the past hour to qualify for pausing.

Restaurants may reactivate at any time, and DoorDash will grant dashers a 30-minute recovery window after their break, limiting the number of times they are interrupted.

This system’s goal is to assist stores in controlling volume fluctuations and ensuring quality during busy periods like holidays or prime mealtimes.

You will get an email letting you know this was done in the email we have on record for your store.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of DoorDash Pausing?


  1. Maintaining Order Accuracy When too many orders appear for one merchant or for one dasher, their app or server will get crashed or pause for a short period to avoid lagging. This helps maintain the accuracy of your orders. If not, if the orders come along without any breaks, that will be hard to collect exact information or mismatch of the data from all the customers online. 
  2. Preventing Food Waste Pausing Doordash also helps in the prevention of food waste. If the store is too busy, pausing the server alone is good as a dasher and a merchant. Also, as a customer, if the order is delayed and the app is paused, it is better to either sit back and wait or cancel the order.
  3. Offering Quality Service It gives you additional time to take a break for several minutes when the Doordash is paused. After the break, you could supply the best service for the customers.


  1. Delaying Delivery Times

Keep pausing Doordash without any prior notice, or due to connection problems will annoy customers, dashers, and merchants. This may cause a delay in delivering the items on time.

  1. Negatively Impacting Driver Earnings

You can get more orders if you dash around busy areas during peak hours. But with the system lagging and pausing, you may not be able to earn your profit for the day. Compared to a merchant, as a driver, you will get affected by this more as customers who won’t get their meals online will come to the restaurants.

How to Prevent DoorDash Pausing in the Future?

You can take proactive measures to prevent Doordash from pausing. You can schedule your delivery routines so that there is no rush. And by looking into the traffics on the map provided by the server, you can optimize the routes and locations. Or cancel the ongoing dash immediately. 

Also, by communicating with customers and restaurants and not canceling or rejecting many orders in a row, you could provide quality service without getting caught in the app pausing.

As for technical precautions, you should update your app on your smartphone or tablet and recheck. Or you can reboot the system. 

The best piece of advice is to momentarily forget about DoorDash.You’ll usually have to wait no less than a few hours for everything to return to normal. So, it is better to sign in to multi-app (Uber Eats, Grubhub, etc.) in case of pausing.

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