How To Find The Roku IP Address Without A Remote – Complete Guide

How To Find Roku IP Address Without Remote

It’s no mystery that watching television is more complex than ever. With the sum of remotes, media players, and smartphone apps available, it may take you a long time to put on a good show and then watch it. You might be wondering How To Find The Roku IP Address Without A Remote?

Don’t Worry; continue reading the article to learn more about the Roku and the steps to find it easily

What is Roku and Why do You Need It?

Roku is among the most well-known streaming gadgets on the market. They provide customers with many streaming channels that make streaming enjoyable and accessible via a user-friendly interface.

Every Roku model available does have an IP address. The Roku device’s IP address may get utilized for various things. If you need to resolve an issue or link to a different network, you’ll need to know your Roku device’s IP address.

What Is IP Address?

Another method of identifying local system components appears to be the IP address. It’s a series of numbers assigned to a gadget linked to the internet. Furthermore, an IP address is a list of rules regulating the type of data sent via a local network or the internet. It allows data to get transferred between network devices. Every IP address has location information, allowing devices to communicate with one another.

IP addresses, in general, serve as a means of distinguishing between various computers, routers, or websites. IP addresses provide information on the geolocation of internet-connected devices. This data includes the city, area code, zip code, etc.

What Is The Roku IP Address – Explained

A Roku IP address is a one-of-a-kind address required by every Roku device when browsing the Roku router’s web interface to setup it up. The standard IP address of several Roku routers is

However, if your gadget is a newer model, there are techniques to check its IP address.

You will also need a username and password to utilize the online interface. The default login and passwords for most Roku devices are the same.

What is roku ip address

How To Find Roku IP Address Without Remote?

You may not have direct access to all Roku’s menus, whether for troubleshooting or customizing items from another room. There are a few methods for How to find the Roku IP address without a remote.

How To Find Roku IP Address Using Chrome Extension

The Remoku Roku remote add-on for Browser is the easiest method How to find the Roku IP address without a remote. Remoku is a web application that lets you use a virtual remote to control your Roku from anywhere on your network. As a result, a mechanism to locate and connect to networked Roku devices gets possible. You can depend on that here.

  • Launch Chrome and then go to Chrome Web Store. If you are unsure about its location. Google “Chrome applications” and the Browser Store Website should come up top if you don’t have one.
  • Once in the Chrome app store, search for “Remoku.” The first result will be the one you’re looking for. To add it to Chrome, choose to Add to Chrome.
  • To open Remoku, click the button in the top right-hand corner of a Browser window. The virtual remote would be activated.
  • The navigation for your app will get shown across the top. Select Settings and all Roku connection methods get included in the main compartment of the settings menu.
  • The very first two data set is essential. Check if the first line’s IP address sequence conforms to your network. Often these people will be fine with the world standard IP address, but whether you have made any changes to your network, make sure the configuration matches. The following line allows you to define the amount of Rokus you want to search for on the internet.
  • Remoku will look for IP addresses connected with Roku devices in your network’s IP address range. It will list these for you as it discovers them, and you’ll have the Roku’s IP addresses.

How To Find Roku IP Address Using Router

Another alternative exists if you want a more direct method. It depends on your router. The majority of routers allow users to see what devices are currently connected. However, not all routers let you view the device’s name or MAC address; you’ll have one to figure out the Roku’s IP address.

  • Launch your favorite web browser and type the router’s IP address into the URL box to enter the admin panel.
  • Depending on the router, you may immediately get a list of linked devices. Otherwise, use the router to log in and navigate the status webpages, and these frequently provide connection information.
  • The Roku devices may get listed by their hostname on your router. It allows you to find Roku devices on a network quickly; they will get displayed by name and IP address.
  • It’s also OK if no Roku names appear on the screen. In the device list, look for MAC addresses. A column for that also gets included in the majority of routers.
  • It’s not a huge issue if it isn’t. If you have the complete MAC address, you can manually search it up on When you check for Roku devices, you’ll see that the manufacturer is Roku. This technique allows you to link an IP address to a Roku device despite taking a roundabout method.

Final Thought

Using the processes and methods outlined above, you may determine the Roku IP address. Discovering the Roku IP address using a remote is easy. But if you have any trouble finding the IP address without the need for a remote, contact Roku’s technical specialists. Once you offer the information needed to the support personnel, Roku customer care can assist you in locating the IP address. Please visit to read more great content. Cheers!



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