Does Viasat Require a Contract? Unveiling Mystery!

Does Viasat Require a Contract

Viasat is a major internet service provider that facilitates customers experiencing faster internet. If you consider using Viasat for your home or business, you might have some questions regarding its initial setup. ‘Does Viasat require a contrast?’: This question can be one of your doubts, so let us reveal all the details about the Viasat contrast in our blog post. We will be covering how your contrast is adjusted according to different circumstances under the following subheadings, so keep reading!

Does Viasat Require a Contract?

Yes, Viasat requires a contract. Viasat usually mandates a 24-month contract for their satellite internet service.

Alternatively, if you opt for the Viasat Month-to-Month Service Term, it is possible to make your payments monthly.

Under this arrangement, you retain the ability to cancel your Viasat Internet at any point without incurring any penalties.

Remember that if you choose to terminate your service before the completion of the 24-month contract, a fee of $15 per month for each remaining month on the contract will be applicable.

Should you prefer to avoid the extended commitment inherent in a 24-month plan, you have the option to settle Viasat’s No-Long Term Contract fee of $300 during your initial sign-up for Viasat service.

The advantage of this option is that it allows you to cancel your Viasat Internet without incurring any penalties at any juncture.

If you find yourself uncertain about the most suitable option, especially when considering the duration of your stay at your current location, a practical guideline is to assess whether you’ll be there for at least four months.

In such cases, opting for the long-term contract becomes advantageous, as the accumulated cost of $15 per month surpasses the upfront payment of $300.

Does Viasat Require a New Contract if I Move?

Yes, Viasat requires a new contract if you move. You will have to upgrade Viasat equipment and service with a fresh contract when you change your place. 

The flexibility of Viasat satellite internet allows you to relocate anywhere within the United States seamlessly.

Viasat’s internet delivery via satellite beams sets it apart from cable, fiber, DSL, and fixed wireless services, as it is not constrained by regional infrastructure.

Unlike these alternatives, Viasat high-speed internet isn’t limited to specific areas.

Does Viasat Require a New Contract If I Change Internet Plans?

If you upgrade your Viasat plan, a new contract will be required. But when you downgrade the plan, it is not necessary to go for a new contract. 

An upgrade to your Viasat internet plan may entail the need for enhanced Viasat equipment or a visit from a Viasat service technician for installation and service.

In such instances, initiating a new 24-month contract becomes a requisite.

In contrast, opting for a downgrade in your Viasat internet plan generally does not necessitate a new contract.

If you opt for a reduction in download speed or data allowance, you have the flexibility to downgrade without the obligation of a new contract.

However, you should continue your initial plan for a minimum of 30 days post-activation before executing the downgrade.

Can you Cancel Viasat at Any Time

Can you Cancel Viasat at Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your Viasat internet connection at any time. But it’s important to note that an early termination fee will apply if you decide to cancel before the conclusion of your 24-month contract.

As we mentioned earlier, the fee amounts to $15 for each remaining month on your plan.

Notably, Viasat does not currently facilitate online cancellations; instead, you’ll need to initiate the cancellation by contacting the company via phone at (855) 463-9333 and speaking to a customer service representative.

Once you convey your intention to cancel, they will promptly process the request.

After you make the cancellation, it’s crucial to promptly return your equipment to avoid incurring additional fees.

When contacting the customer service department for disconnection, the representative will furnish you with instructions on how to return the equipment.

This may involve UPS delivering an equipment recovery box with detailed instructions, or you might receive a letter from UPS guiding you to take the equipment to a nearby UPS store, where they will handle the packaging and shipping process for you.

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