How to Delete Patreon Account? It’s time to part ways with Patreon!

how to delete patreon account

Numerous artists, authors, podcasters, and various other artistic individuals find Patreon to be a helpful platform since it enables creators to get funding from their followers. When your artistic path changes, you want greater confidentiality, or you have additional private causes, you can decide it’s time to stop using the platform. How to delete Patreon account?

Your choice to delete your Patreon profile may be influenced by a variety of factors and feelings. Let us assist you in closing your Patreon account in such a situation.

Patreon: What is it?

With the help of the internet membership service Patreon, authors of the content may charge their subscribers a monthly fee.

Around the world, Patreon is used by so many content producers. Because of the unpredictability of YouTube’s advertising model, Patreon memberships serve as a sort of safety net for content producers.

You can give your patrons access to excellent material on Patreon and all of its benefits. With their payment scheme, Patreon encourages the authors to be incredibly inventive. After offering exclusive member advantages, Patreon gives authors a steady flow of income.

How Patreon Functions:

Subscribers who pay a fee, referred to as “patrons,” get a variety of exclusive benefits and exclusive information. With their incentives, authors on Patreon may become fairly inventive. Creators get exclusive member advantages in exchange for a steady source of income.

What Would Cause You Feel the Need to Remove That Patreon Account?

You could want to remove your Patreon membership for a number of reasons; a few of them might be listed below.

  • Changing one’s creative emphasis or direction.
  • Privacy issues.
  • Switching to a different crowdsourcing website.
  • Minimizing digital or internet distractions.
  • Financial factors or variations in income.

Whatever your motivation, the following instructions will assist you in deleting your Patreon account.

How to Delete Patreon Account?

Visiting the Privacy policy section and select the Submit a Privacy Request option.

Choose to delete your private information from our databases from the menu.

You will be prompted to check in with your Patreon login information when you are not already logged in.

To examine your Patreon account and enable our information deletion spouse, Transcend, to delete your data, select the Allow box.

You will be prompted by a pop-up to confirm the deletion of your login information and its associated data. A maximum of thirty days will pass throughout the procedure. Should you want to halt the process, you’re given 14 days to do so; they are going to send you additional messages to which you must reply. 

Remember that doing this will place your login information on an agenda for deletion rather than immediately deleting it.

It may take a maximum of thirty days after you’ve requested the deletion of your account in order for all of your information to be completely destroyed.

To inform you of the current state of your removal request, the information deletion spouse, Transcend, is going to send an electronic message to the user’s email.

Alternately, if they’re a creator and you’d rather stop charging those who sign up, you may ‘unlaunch’ your own web page.

This isn’t a long-term choice and enables producers to pick up where they’ve left out sans needing to start over with a fresh account, a digital adhering to, and other things.

How Can you Deactivate the Owner of your Page?

You don’t have to delete your Patreon account. You can deactivate your creator’s page on Patreon. Your user account becomes a patron-only page as a result. This will not result in any more fees or memberships for you. Make sure to settle the outstanding balance on the account you have.

You may unlaunch your own creation site by going to the Creator Preferences site and scrolling down.

When a pop-up screen shows up, tap the Confirm link. The creator site will get unpublished as soon as you press the button.

In the event that you change your mind, you may easily republish your login information.

How are Current Patreon Memberships Canceled

How are Current Patreon Memberships Canceled?

Although removing your account removes all of your information from the site, according to the Patreon support page, it does not delete any active subscriptions or outstanding payments on your profile.

You may accomplish your objective of just deleting active subscriptions for authors you support while maintaining your account.

On a PC, click “Manage memberships” after hovering over the account icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Go onto the “Active Memberships” page and choose “Edit” for any subscriptions you want to stop receiving payments for in the future.

Select “Edit or Cancel Membership,” which is next to the “Update” option.

After choosing “Cancel your membership,” hit on the “Cancel your membership” link to make your decision official.

How Can I Remove a Deceased Beloved One’s Patreon Account?

Patreon’s homepage sadly lacks a phone contact for assistance with complaints or a chat feature. For extra guidance on how to manage your loved one’s electronic legacy, it’s an excellent idea to refer to our comprehensive post-loss guide.

Write to the Patreon Support Staff

The “Community Happiness Team” comprises Patreon’s customer service team. Monday and Friday from 9 am until 6 pm PST, it provides email help. On the webpage for Patreon, select the “Email Patreon Support” option towards the bottom.

Tweet a Message to Someone

On weekdays from 9 am through 4 pm PST, you are able to interact via Twitter.

Whichever route you use, be sure to mention the individual’s passing and your want to have their account canceled.

What Occurs When a Patreon Membership is Deleted?

One of the finest locations for authors to begin joining support programs is with a Patreon account. However, a lot of authors are considering deactivating their Patreon accounts.

It remains feasible to remove the Patreon profile without any problems if someone has lost interest in creating content or is no longer interested in maintaining their membership packages.

Nevertheless, if you decide to close your Patreon consideration, every one of your information will be permanently removed. Therefore, if you need any information, save it before closing your account.

It has no effect on your outstanding repayments. Even if you delete your account, you will undoubtedly still get any of your outstanding payments.

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