Sweaty Hands when Gaming? Here Is How To Deal With It

Sweaty Hands when Gaming

Sweaty hands, in general, are very uncomfortable feelings to many, and it gives you a wet and moist texture to your palms, making it challenging to grip stuff. As a gamer, you might have experienced uncomfortable situations related to sweaty hands when gaming intensely.

Sweaty hands while gaming can be pretty annoying as it loosens the grip of the tools used for gaming, such as the mouse, keyboard or the controller.

Sweaty hands when gaming is a common issue experienced by most players and pretty distracting when playing a game, but below, you will be able to know the causes of sweaty hands and how you can get rid of sweaty hands while gaming.

What Causes Sweaty Hands When Gaming?

Sweaty hands are the wet and slippery feeling in your palm and are undoubtedly uncomfortable. You might also feel sticky or even drench your desk, tools used for gaming with sweat.

Different conditions can cause sweaty hands, such as high temperature, anxiety, stress or medical conditions.

However, the sweat is perspiring when gaming due to the intense feeling experienced while gaming. You might have experienced your hands sweating in your palm extensively. When you are at the tip of losing the game, winning the game, or maybe when you are close to completing a level, the tension created in the gaming tasks makes you excited and stressed. Releasing the chemicals to the hormone concentrates the sweat on your palms.

Another probable cause is the movements of your fingers on the keyboard, controller or mouse. The constant movement of your fingers for an extended period gives you sweaty hands when gaming.

Sweaty hands when gaming is also caused due to high temperature, it is apparent that you will not be playing your game outdoors, and most of the time, close your windows, reducing the light into the room because bright daylight may reflect on your screen. The lack of heat released from your room causes a high temperature for sweaty hands when gaming.

Playing for an extended period can overheat your pc, and other tools used for gaming also have a certain amount of heat; when the heat is transmitted and is in contact with your palms, your palms tend to precipitate sweat.

Sweaty hands may also cause due to different medical conditions; the drugs prescribed by the doctor or even the daily meals can affect sweaty hands.

How to Stop Sweaty Hands When Gaming

It is essential to have a good grip when you are gaming—sweaty hands when gaming is a significant drawback to your gaming experience.

An insightful description is available below on how you can stop sweaty hands while gaming, and it will help you if you have sweaty hands.


Using an antiperspirant reduces the sweat on your palms, making it easier when gaming. Antiperspirant comes in rolls, sticks, and sprays. However, antiperspirant spray can be the best option, as it gives you a relaxed feeling when sprayed.

 Sweaty Hands when Gaming

Alcohol-based wipes

Alcohol or Liquor based wipes are also the best to use when your palms are sweating. Alcohol is an astringent that instantly makes your hand dry.

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Gamer gloves

Gamer gloves are there to give a better grip on your controller if you are a professional gamer. They are made of moisture-wicking material. The gloves are covered with bumpy dots to create the impact for solid grips. Gamer gloves are not only used for your pc games, and they are also used for other purposes like golf, gymnastics and other athletics.

Grip enhancer

Mountain climbers usually use a grip enhancer, rock climbers, hikers and sports like rugby, football etc., where the grip is required. A grip enhancer is a lotion that leaves a layer in your palm to give a good hold to your palm.

Baby powder

Before you use baby powder, first, you need to wash your hand thoroughly with soap and dry your hand well. Using baby powder without washing your hands will give you a greasy feeling as your hands are already moist and is dirty. After washing your hands well and drying them, you can use baby powder to give a dry surface. Corn starch is also a good option for sweaty hands.

First, coat your hands with corn starch and leave for 5 minutes. Later wipe off the excessive corn starch before playing.

Wipe and play

Take a break to wipe your hands with a cotton cloth till your hands are completely dry. As previously stated above, an alcohol-based wipe is another good option to wipe your hands.


In general, Rosewater is used as a toner for facial treatment if you have open pores, and Rosewater is used to minimize the exposure of the pores. However, rose water can also help you with sweaty palms, reducing the open pores in your hands.

Botox injections

Botox injections are handy to deal with medical conditions like hyperhidrosis. A doctor must diagnose you to take botox injections. The botox injection is a temporary treatment for sweaty palms. They usually numb your palms before you get the botox injection in your palms to block the nerves in your skin that causes sweating. The effect of the botox injections lasts up to 6 – 12 months.

The botox injection can reduce 82 – 87 per cent of sweating in your palms.


Sweaty palms when gaming is a common issue and a natural process seen in most gamers. It can be because you were anxious, scared and stressed while playing intense levels. In other situations like high temperature or the heat transmitted through the gaming tools; which is in contact with your hands, it can also make your palm sweaty.

However, sweaty hands are not easy to deal with, but the necessary measures can be taken to reduce the effect caused when gaming. Antiperspirant, Liquor based wipes, Botox injections, rose water, gaming gloves, grip enhancers, baby powder, and coating your hands with corn starch can improve the condition to reduce sweaty hands when gaming.


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