How to Increase the Maximum Capacity of the iPhone Battery? Tips to Increase!

how to increase maximum capacity of iphone battery

Long-term iPhone use is hugely satisfying, but we’ve all felt the annoyance of a low battery when it was most required. If you recently purchased an Apple device, you might be wondering how to increase the maximum battery life of your iPhone. The good news is that there are several efficient techniques to optimize your battery use. How to increase the maximum capacity of an iPhone battery? You can properly maintain the battery life of your devices with the help of this knowledge. This article will examine typical causes of battery draining and offer practical solutions for extending the life of your iPhone.

What is the Maximum Capacity, and Why is It Essential for your iPhone Battery? 

Maximum capacity y, which measures the battery’s capacity with its initial state when new, is an essential parameter for your iPhone battery. An iPhone’s battery typically starts at 100% when it is first turned on.

The battery’s capacity diminishes with use and time. Apple maintains that under typical circumstances, a good battery should keep up to 80% of its initial capacity after 500 complete charge cycles.

As you use your phone, charge cycles occur, with one cycle indicating the use of 100% of your battery’s capacity. It does not always mean moving from 100% to empty. It can also indicate that it builds up as you use and recharge the device daily.

When the maximum capacity of your iPhone’s battery goes below 80%, it indicates significant degradation, and the battery could need to be replaced.

Monitoring maximum capacity is essential for determining the performance and health of your battery, ensuring that the device is reliable and functional.

How to Check the Maximum Capacity of your iPhone Battery? 

  • Follow these procedures to determine your iPhone’s battery’s maximum capacity.
  • From the home screen of your iPhone, choose the Settings app.
  • Choose ‘Battery’ from the Settings menu by scrolling down.
  • You can find a chart displaying your battery usage over the previous 24 or 10 hours under the Battery section.
  • This section displays the maximum battery life for your iPhone.
  • You may also access this data by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Battery Health.’ You can see information on your battery’s capacity, maximum performance, and maintenance needs here. You may assess your battery’s general health and condition using the information provided.

How to Increase the Maximum Capacity of an iPhone Battery?

  • Reduce Screen Brightness – Lower the screen’s brightness or leave it on automatically to save energy.
  • Turn Off GPS – Disable location services for apps that don’t always need GPS access.
  • Use Darker, Simpler Backgrounds – Live or vibrant wallpapers will drain your battery, so avoid using them.
  • Disable Bluetooth – Bluetooth should be off to save energy.
  • Activate Low Power Mode – Utilize Low Power Mode from the Control Center to extend the life of your batteries.
  • Connect to 2G Networks – If your 3G or 4G coverage is poor, use 2G to save energy.
  • Limit Background Activities – To stop apps from operating in the background, turn off background app refresh.
  • Disable Mail App Background Activity – You can save energy by turning off Mail App background activities.
  • Software Updates – To guarantee effective functioning, keep the software on your device up to date.
  • Use Wireless Charging and Fast Charging Sparingly – Excessive heat and overcharging may decrease battery life.
  • Use Optimized Charging – To increase the battery’s longevity, enable optimized battery charging.
  • Choose WiFi Over Mobile Data – WiFi is a better option for internet connectivity than mobile data because it uses less energy.
  • Monitor the Temperature – The battery in your iPhone might be damaged by exposure to high temperatures.

How to Use Low Power Mode and Battery Saver Mode On your iPhone? 

To turn on your iPhone’s Low Power Mode and other battery-saving features.

Open the Settings app.

Click ‘Battery’ after scrolling down.

Turn on ‘Low Power Mode’ by flipping the switch.

Your iPhone will show a yellow battery icon in the top right corner when Low Power Mode is on. By minimizing background activity and turning off some visual effects, like transition animations for the QuickType keyboard recommendations, this mode allows for longer battery life.

By going to Settings > Control Center, you can also quickly add Low Power Mode to the Control Center. It’s important to note that Low Power Mode can be manually enabled at any moment to extend battery life. It automatically activates when your battery drops below 20%.

How to Charge your iPhone Properly to Avoid Damaging the Battery

How to Charge your iPhone Properly to Avoid Damaging the Battery?

  • To properly charge your iPhone and protect the battery’s health.
  • If your iPhone can support it, use quick charging.
  • To avoid overheating, charge your iPhone in a calm environment.
  • Avoid using third-party chargers since they might not be suitable for your device.
  • Keep your iPhone away from extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.
  • Avoid direct sunlight because it may cause overheating.
  • Instead of waiting until it reaches 0%, frequently charge your battery in lesser amounts.
  • Try charging at around 80% rather than 100% for daily use regularly.
  • Never let your iPhone charge over 100%.
  • Don’t let your battery level drop below 20%.
  • To maintain battery longevity, choose frequent half charges over infrequent total charges.

How to Replace the Battery of your iPhone If the Maximum Capacity is Too Low? 

  • Inform Apple about the problem.
  • For battery testing, go to an authorized service provider.
  • If it drops to or below 80% within a year, you might be eligible for a free replacement.
  • If the iPhone displays ‘significantly degraded’ battery health, consider upgrading.
  • Consider using an iFixit battery replacement kit as a DIY option.

How Much does It Cost to Replace the Battery of your iPhone? 

The cost of replacing an iPhone battery varies based on the model and AppleCare+ coverage. Battery replacement for iPhone X, 11, 12, and 13 is $89, up from the previous $69.

The $69 rate still applies to iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and 11 Pro models. The simplest way to replace your iPhone battery is through Apple directly.

What are Some Tips and Tricks for Increasing the Maximum Capacity of your iPhone Battery? 

  • Reduce Screen Brightness – Reduce the screen or configure it to adjust automatically.
  • Disable GPS – When not required, turn off location services.
  • Simple Backgrounds – To save energy, use static, dark backgrounds.
  • Deactivate Bluetooth – When not in use, Bluetooth should be turned off.
  • WiFi Control – Disable WiFi when you’re not near an accepted network.
  • Background App Refresh – Disable the background app auto-refresh by clicking this link.
  • Disable Siri- Turn off Siri’s always-listening feature to turn it off.
  • Utilize low power mode- Turn on Low Power Mode to increase battery life.

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