How to Reverse Audio on Instagram? Step-by-Step Guide

reverse audio on instagram

TikTok’s mania outlasted Instagram’s reversed video fad, which vanished more quickly. Reverse audio was a feature that Instagram formerly had but opted to remove. What happens if you still desire to use this feature? How to reverse audio on Instagram?

This post will provide you with a quick introduction to Instagram sound reversal, explain why you may want to do it, and show you exactly. Learn how sound reversal may improve your Instagram posts and which tools on Instagram enable it.

What is Audio Reversal on Instagram?

Reversing sound is a function that people use for amusement and to give their videos a different appearance. This fad involves users posting videos or stories from Instagram while playing a song backward, asking their followers to figure out which is the original.

The “Rewind” function on Instagram is utilized for recording Story videos backward. The audio has been reversed as a result, after which it may be transferred and utilized in new material. On Instagram, users may reverse video and sound samples to produce original and stylish content. It may be used for attention-grabbing “trick” videos, dramatic blasts, and jokes.

Why Would you Want to Reverse Audio on Instagram?

Backmasking is the phrase for reversing sounds. Horror movie screenwriters have long used it as a creative technique, as have well-known bands like The Beatles, who popularized backmasking in 1966.

After hearing the song “Rain” in reverse and liking it, John Lennon chose to record all of the album’s notes backward. At that time, cassette players and recording devices were used for it.

Nowadays, anyone can back mask without knowledge using simple point-and-click editing tools. This is only for your pleasure.

The newest Instagram craze is audio reversal. The sound-reversing tool is now being used by even the most well-known Instagram personalities, who encourage their followers to listen to the original sound.

Several Instagram influencers and marketers also design straightforward challenges that ask followers to identify the name of a song that has been reversed. Rewarding the first five correct guessers with gift cards, this tactic may be encouraged to increase participation.

How to Reverse Audio on Instagram?

Utilizing a website to download Instagram videos.

  1. Locate the video.

Look for the reels or videos which you wish to reverse by opening the application called Instagram.

  1. Save the film to your computer.

Near the bottom of the movie, there are three dots that you may click on.

Now select “Copy Link” from the menu.

Right now, launch the Instagram reels encoder on your cell device.

Click the “Download” option after pasting the clips or video URL that you downloaded from Instagram.

  1. Turn the audio around.

Choose the “Reverse Filter” when uploading the film or video to Instagram.

Utilizing EZGif to Reverse a Video.

  1. On your personal computer or handheld device, open a browser of your choice and go to
  2. To convert a video to an animated GIF, click or touch here.
  3. Resize may be done by clicking or tapping.
  4. Clicking or tapping Select File.
  5. Choose the Instagram image you saved. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, open the file manager or My Files app, then find the video you’ve downloaded there. Next, tap it. If you’re using a PC, find the downloaded video as well as clicking on it to choose it. Next, select Open.
  6. Choosing Upload Video.
  7. Toggle the “Reverse sound” option on or off.
  8. Reverse the video by clicking or tapping.
  9. Save by clicking or tapping.

InShot is used to reverse a video.

  1. Install InShot for your mobile device from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Launch InShot.
  3. Select Video.
  4. Choose the video you wish to play backward. To see a video in full, long-press upon it.
  5. Tap the player that is located at the bottom of the display.
  6. Select “Reverse” from the menu by scrolling to the bottom right side of the screen.
  7. Click Save.

How Can Audio Reversal Enhance Your Instagram Content?

Despite not having a dedicated reverse audio option on the system, you may download movies and alter them. The Instagram video content plan might be spiced up by utilizing reversed audio.

Instagram provides amazing tools for sharing content and expanding by gaining targeted likes. The website is a fantastic location for news about society even though billions of people upload photographs, videos, and tales and go live.

This practical plan will provide you with exciting, original ideas to fuel your social media marketing strategy. Once you’ve discovered a well-liked sound, ask your audience to name it to win a free engagement.

To uncover popular audio songs, use Vista Social’s suggestions for trending sounds. The edited video can also be downloaded straight away without being first uploaded to Instagram.

You may use it to schedule articles, add suggested hashtags, locate popular audios, control your multimedia collection, and more. Reversing movies to add spice to the way you create content is a piece of cake when you have a few third-party programs on hand.

How can audio reversal enhance your Instagram content?

Which Instagram Features Support Audio Reversal?

Instagram doesn’t have an audio reverse function. You may use third-party software to grab videos, edit the files so that the music plays backwards, download, and then upload the remix to your Instagram account. This may be done using free audio editings applications like Ezgif, InShot, Audacity, or another online MP3 reverser.

The Reverser application may be used to inverse audio on Instagram. The videos or audio recordings on your smartphone may be reversed with this software. Downloading the application from the application store is free.

This technique needs some technical know-how, but it’s a great way to give your music amusing effects and help those with hearing loss. You just need to hit the circular arrow button to play the audio file backward to utilize this method.

Can you Reverse Audio on Instagram Stories and Reels?

Reversing a video is not a native feature of Instagram. Snapchat, fortunately, allows you to preserve a recorded video. This entails that you may submit the reverse-recorded Snapchat movie to your social media reels!

Make a Snapchat movie.

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Snapchat’s camera may be used to capture the clip.
  3. To apply modifications to your movie after finishing, swipe.
  4. To access the reverse sort, swipe left multiple times.
  5. By selecting the save option in the lower left corner after applying the Reverse filter, users can access the video.

The video should be added to reels.

  1. Open the Instagram application.
  2. In the upper-left corner, press the Story icon.
  3. Choose the ‘reels’ tab on the bottom bar at this point.
  4. For uploading, choose the video.

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