Understanding the Blue Dot on Android Texts: A Comprehensive Guide

what does the blue dot mean on android text

At the beginning of mobile interaction, the standard Android texting software was simpler. Because additional aspects have been integrated, it is very different now. One of these may be seen as a blue dot on a connection icon within Android text. What does the blue dot mean on Android text?

This piece will go through the meaning of the blue dot, its importance, and how it appears on Android devices to signal new or unread messages. Find out when the blue dot for Android smartphones may be disabled or altered. Also, discover how to eliminate the blue dot following the message reading.

What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Android Text?

With a smartphone running Android, if there is a blue dot adjacent to a contact’s profile symbol, it signifies the user may communicate by sending or receiving messages online through the chat messaging function with that specific contact.

In essence, the user may communicate with any individual who has turned on Chat messaging by sending RCS messages through mobile data or WiFi rather than SMS or MMS. The user must also enable the Chat function on their smartphone if it has not been enabled already, in order to use these capabilities.

On Android texts, a blue dot also denotes the receipt of a new text. You only need to press the blue dot to see the latest message. The notification is still being read, according to the blue dots.

Advanced Messaging provides an innovative messaging system that enables capabilities like improved file sharing, read invoices, and typing indications. Messages sent through Advanced Messaging are indicated by blue text.

What Is The Significance Of The Blue Dot On Android Text Messages?

In case you weren’t aware, the Messages app for Android features a chat function that functions very similarly to an iMessage conversation on iPhones as well as iPads. If your cell phones or carriers enable Rich Communication Services (RCS), you and other people can also utilize it.

But compared to other companies, Samsung devices tend to have it more frequently. When the chat function is offered, you may even configure the preferences of the default Android messaging app to make it the primary method for communicating with and sending texts.

RCS, meaning Rich Communication Services, allows for more than only the delivery of messages in text format, like conversations. It permits chat messages to transcend the standard word limit and file connection size constraints of email messages. It also allows for read receipts.

The blue dot icon shows on Samsung devices, and it merely indicates that the other individual can send and receive Samsung texts.

How Does The Blue Dot Indicate A New Or Unread Message On Android?

Unread Google Messages hangouts are presently shown in bold language to call your focus on them every time you launch the program. Google Messages is exploring a new approach of showing a blue dot to the correct location of the date of an unopened message.

When the feature appears to be familiar, it is because it is not new. This form of the dot is currently utilized by Google as alert badges appearing on the home screens of the top phones running Android. This style of badge, as well as unread numbers, is also accessible on iOS gadgets.

The latest trial in Google Texts is noteworthy since it makes texts you haven’t opened yet more obvious. Even while the current bold text technique works, if there’s no additional signal, some users may still miss unopened messages. A select number of users can now access the new functionality.

How Does The Blue Dot Indicate A New Or Unread Message On Android?

Can The Blue Dot Be Disabled Or Customized On Android Devices?

By changing the communication mode in RCS to the normal message kind, you can eliminate the blue dot off any or all connections in Samsung. By doing this, the blue dot is going to be gone, and the connections will look normal again.

  1. Enable Messages.
  2. Access Settings
  3. Select Settings for Chat.
  4. Deciding on Default Message Type.
  5. The chat options tab should be unchecked.

You can get rid of the blue dot if it indicates an unread communication by opening the correspondence. Otherwise, you may get rid of this blot by managing your alerts or by completely turning them off in your settings.

Does The Blue Dot Appear On All Messaging Apps On Android?

Typically, the text messaging software on the phone checks your contact lists to determine whether persons on the list have an RCS-compliant cell phone, including most Samsung cell phones or other Samsung Galaxy phones, as well as a blue dot will be placed underneath their names.

A blue dot appears alongside the names of contacts who have RCS activated in their contact details list, regardless of the phone they are using. In today’s technological age, chat programs other than SMS have been developed and are becoming more and more popular.

How Can You Remove The Blue Dot After Reading A Message On Android?

Click on “Settings” to switch it off. Select “Accessibility,” “Dexterity as well as interaction,” and “Assistant menu” within the “Personal” tab. Select “off” by flipping the toggle button at the very top within the “Assistant menu” screen. The blue dot ought to then vanish.

Alternate strategy 1

  1. Launch the text message application.
  2. In the top right corner, press and hold the trio of vertical dots.
  3. The enhanced messaging or button should be selected.
  4. Turn off the advanced messaging option. Before it is totally disabled, a prompt message highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of doing so will come up.
  5. The blue dot adjacent to a contact’s username will disappear after confirmation.

Alternate strategy 2

  1. Launch the Messages app.
  2. In the top right corner, click and hold the three straight dots.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click on Chat Settings.
  5. Disable the chat features.
  6. Click on Default Text type after scrolling down.
  7. Tap to choose between the Text and Multimedia options.

Can You Change The Color Of The Dot Or Use Alternative Indicators?

Samsung applications’ settings allow you to modify the alert dot’s color. Any application’s preferences are accessible by long pressing the dot whenever it displays. On your Samsung-powered Android phone, select which hue you wish to use from the available options.

If you want to alter the color of any program, you may accomplish this. The various hues will become visible as soon as you tap the selected color. By disabling alerts in the settings for that application, you may also completely eliminate alert hues.

With an Android smartphone, there is no method to completely alter the chat bubble’s hue. Yet, you may alter the colors a little to make it simpler for people who happen to be color-blind or have trouble with specific color schemes.

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